GENERAL 1-Regulations 2-Table and codes 3-Services 4-Charges  EN ROUTE 1-Rules and procedures 2-Airspace 3-ATS routes 4-Navaids 5-Navigation warning 6-En-route charts  AERODROMES 1-Introduction 2-Aerodromes 3-Heliports  ATLAS 1-Abreviations2-Aeronautical charts
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GEN. 2 - Tables and codes

  • Measuring system, aircraft markings, public holidays
  • Indicators of site
  • List Assistances of radionavigation aids

GEN. 3  - Aeronautical Information Services

  • Aeronautical information services
  • List of aeronautical charts available
  • Air traffic services
  • Air traffic services network chart
  • Aeronautical fixed services chart
  • Meteorological services
  • Search and rescue

GEN. 4 - Charges

  • Aerodromes charges
  • Air navigation services charges
  • Charges table

GEN. 0 - Preface

GEN. 1 - National rgulations  and requirements

  • Designated  authorities
  • Entry, Transit and departure  of aircraft
  • Entry, Transit and departure of passengers and crew
  • Entry, Transit and departure of cargo
  • Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents
  • National regulations and international agreements /  conventions
  • Differences from ICAO SARPS


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