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Year 2017

  • Nr 08/A/17 FC  - TCHAD - Interception of civil aircraft
    August 08
  • Nr 07/A/17 FC  - CAMEROON - Operational derodromes of Cameroon
    July 28
  • Nr 06/A/17 FC  - GUINEE EQUATORIALE - Application form overview authorization and landing  
    June 15               foreign aircraft on Equatorial Guinea territory           
  • Nr 04/A/17 FC  - BILTINE (CHAD) - Decree N°030/MTAC/SG/ADAC/2012 carrying opening
    April 11               aerodrome State of BILTINE air traffic public
  • Nr 03/A/17 FC  - ASECNA - Delivery of PIB by e-mail
    February 27        
  • Nr 02/A/17 FC - Delivery procedures and payment method of en-route charges invoices
    February 22      Effective date February 22, 2017 "PERM"
  • Nr 01/A/17 FC - Checklist
    January 01

Year 2016

  • Nr 08/A/16 FC -KYABE (TCHAD) - Decree N°036 PR/PM/MDAMN/SG/ADAC/2016, on the temporary closure of the KYABE aerodrome to public air traffic.
    October 20
  • Nr 06/A/16 FC - GABON - Ministerial Ordinance N°00452/MT/ANAC of September 16th , 2016 related                           to reopening of the MAYUMBA Aerodrome to public air traffic
    October 06
  • Nr 05/A/16 FC - CONGO - Application form overview authorization and landing foreign aircraft on congolese territory
    August 08 -   Effective date July 08, 2016 "PERM"
  • Nr 04/A/16 FC - CENTRAFRIQUE- Decision fixing taxes levied by the National Autority of Civil Aviation of the Central African Republic
    July 01
  • Nr 03/A/16 FC - CAMEROON- Decision 00220/D/CCAA/DG/DSA/SAE/SCA of 11/03/2016, relating to the publication of the list of the operational aerodromes and heliports for 2016 in Cameroon
    April 06
  • Nr 02/A/16 FC - CHAD- Decree 004/PR/PM/MACMN/SG/ADAC/2016 carrying opening aerodrome state d'Am djarass air traffic public
    April 06
  • Nr 01/A/16 FC - Check list of AIC
    January 01
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