GENERAL 1-Regulations 2-Table and codes 3-Services 4-Charges  EN ROUTE 1-Rules and procedures 2-Airspace 3-ATS routes 4-Navaids 5-Navigation warning 6-En-route charts  AERODROMES 1-Introduction 2-Aerodromes 3-Heliports  ATLAS 1-Abreviations2-Aeronautical charts
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Utils links
ASECNA : The institutional site
EAMAC : African school of Meteorology and the Aerial navigation
AVSEC : Center of formation of safety of aviation
DGAC South Africa : Civil Aviation Autority
ATNS South Africa : Air Traffic and Air Navigation Service
MOROCCO : National office of the airports
DGAC TANZANIA : Civil Aviation Authority
DGAC TUNISIA : Civil Aviation Authority
DGAC ZIMBABWE : Civil Aviation Autority
ADP : Airport of Paris
AIS SPAIN : Aeronautical service information
CEAC : European conference of the civil aviation
DGAC FRANCE : Civil Aviation Authority
ENAC FRANCE : National School of Civil aviation
ESA : European Space Agency
EUROCONTROL : European organization for the air safety
METEO FRANCE : National Meteorology Autority
ICAO : International Civil Aviation Organization
IATA : International Air Association Transport
ITA : Air Transport Institute
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