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About ASECNA AIS web site


One of the major goals of ASECNA is the improvement of the quality of its services.
From now on you can consult its aeronautical information publications
In this regard the site will take into account your requirements and remarks.

In the future, new headings will appear, in particular:

The availability of all charts of the ATLAS headline,
AIP supplements and aeronautical information circulars of into force of 3 International NOTAM Offices (Antananarivo - Brazzaville - Dakar),
NOTAM in force in the 3 International NOTAM Offices,
the creation of a search engine on the site
the bilingual version of the AIP


Its progressive finalization during days and months to come will be more effective with your active contribution in terms of suggestions, remarks or deficiencies which will be received by the Aeronautical Information Service in the headline "Contact us ".

ASECNA Direction Generale
32-34 Jean-Jaurs Avenue, BP 3144 Dakar-senegal
Tl.(221) 33 849 66 00-Fax (221) 33 823 46 54

ASECNA Paris Delegation
75 Rue La Boétie, F75008 Paris-FRANCE
Tel.(33)1 44 95 07 07-Fax (33)1 42 25 73 11 - 1 44 95 07 28


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